Smoke sauna


The Kurala Manor smoke sauna sits on the riverbank a short walking distance from the main building. As a wonderful way of relaxing from busy everyday life, the smoke sauna is an enjoyable experience. In the sauna you can feel the ticking of time come to a standstill while water sizzles on the large stove persuading forth a gentle caressing heat unlike any other. An ancient Finnish tradition, the smoke sauna is no place for haste or hurry: take your time to fell the warmth and listen to the whispering of the sauna elf. It is difficult to describe in words the scent, stillness and magical atmosphere of the smoke sauna, absolutely the best way to find out is to experience the smoke sauna by yourself.

During the summer one can take a dip in the Yläne river. In the wintertime the large porch is perfect for easy cooling down with a beverage while the brave can dash for a roll in the snow! The sauna building also includes changing and washing rooms, a sitting room with a fireplace, kitchen and toilet. The sitting room with couches, chairs and a dining table for 8-10 persons and the small kitchen are accessible via the porch. The kitchen is supplied with basic cooking equipment, dishes and cutlery.

The smoke sauna rental (250 € including VAT) includes the pre-warmed sauna (approximately 15 people can fit in the sauna) and the other rooms in the building for four hours. Extra hours á 50 €.