The south-west corner of the garden is dedicated to dogs and their trainers: an old machine hall was renovated to provide suitable space for dog hobbies. By changing the sandy base and by improving lighting, the hall has been transformed into a great venue for agility. The base material is an artificial lawn. The training area is not heated, but it is dry and well protected from the winds. When the spring arrives the large doors can be opened to let the sunshine in. The hall covers an area of 14 by 24 meters.

On the opposite end of the hall is a warm (in the wintertime circa 10 oC) lounge room for taking breaks from training. There is a toilet for your comfort and a water tap.


Our agility hall has a complete set of officially approved equipment required for organizing agility competitions:

14 Jumps (33 mm thick 140/120 cm long poles that can be adjusted by 5 cm spaces from 10 cm to 70 cm)
Wall (three different heights: 60, 40 and 30 cm)
Long Jump
Dog walk
See saw
2 Tables (mini, medi and maxi)
2 Tunnels
2 Weaves (10 and 12 poles)
Number signs from 1 to 25

The Hilpi-hall and outdoor field is let at a rate of 15 € per hour / 120 € per day including the use of all equipment and the lounge area. The prices for regular reservations can be separately negotiated depending on the season and duration of the reservation. Customers accommodated in the Kurala Manor will not be additionally charged for the use of the hall.