Our environmental goals

Together we can change things greener

The basis of our environmental policy is to provide services that do not harm the environment at any stage of its life cycle. We are committed to environmental protection in all our activities: we follow the principles of sustainable development, we prevent pollution and improve the level of environmental protection. In our environmental policy we commit to follow Finnish laws and regulations.

Our key environmental goals are:

  • Reducing energy consumption
    Total electricity consumption less than 62 kWh per heated area (m2) per year
  • Reducing water consumption
    Total water consumption less than 140 liters per overnight stay
  • Reducing waste and improving recycling
    Total waste less than 0.6 kg per overnight stay, of which sent for disposal is less than 0.16 kg per overnight stay
  • Increasing environmental awareness
    Increasing environmental awareness is a key achieving other goals. Together we can change things! For example, we encourage you to turn off the lights when you are not in the room, to sort the waste, to close the shower during soaping and to make sure close the doors and windows during the heating season.

We maintain and increase biodiversity through our actions. Preserving biodiversity is a key indicator of the state of ecosystems. We create and maintain nature values by leaving part of our yard as a pasture. Whenever possible, we leave snags and fallen trees in suitable places, which increase the amount of decomposing wood in our yard. Thanks to these actions, our yard has the potential to maintain a more diverse plant and animal species than usual.