Want to experience the silence of Finnish nature? In South-Western Finland you can find peaceful places in the willderness, not so far from city life. Hiking paths of Kurjenrahka National Park are situated just 45 minutes from Turku City center, easily reached by bus or rental car. You can get a free map of the nationalpark area from Kurala Manor to get started.

Other activities to expirience Finnish nature are swimming in the Lake Pyhäjärvi or canoeing on the River Yläne. More water activities, surfing and SUP paddling are available in Sieravuoren Lomakeskus, Honkilahti, 20 km from Kurala Manor.

In Finland we have every-mans-right to pick berries or mushrooms in the forest. To make a campfire on marked places is also permitted, as far as forest fire warning is taken in to consideration.  There are also campfire places at Kurala Manor for our customers.